About Trish and Dan Bell

Philanthropists Trish and Dan Bell announced a $5 million lead gift at the Next Horizon campaign kickoff celebration on January 26, 2019, to help build the multifaith chapel on campus.

Members of the FIU Foundation Board of Directors, the Bells are among South Florida’s most engaged supporters. For more than 30 years, they have helped the community through leadership and philanthropy, focusing on providing opportunities for underserved people and furnishing generous backing of the arts. Since then, they have made subsequent gifts, bringing their total support to $14 million for the chapel. 

Dan and Trish Bell

Dan and I have always believed that a strong spiritual foundation, regardless of one’s faith and religion, is a critical ingredient in building a well-rounded and balanced life. Consequently, when we discovered that there was no FIU chapel, we were sincerely thrilled to have this opportunity to play a significant role in helping to bring such a vibrant element to the life of this outstanding university.

Trish Bell

“Trish and I hope that this chapel will quickly become a place where people of similar as well as vastly different religious traditions and beliefs can gather to celebrate and contemplate their faiths and meaningfully connect with others.”

Dan Bell